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by | Dec 20, 2021 | IndyGo

IndyGo provided an update for the Blue Line on November 20. This is a no-nonsense, facts-only piece about the status of the $220 million projects. 

The Blue Line is a multi-mile route in IndyGo’s ambitious bus system expansion. The Blue Line runs from the far east side to the airport along Washington Street.

IndyGo promises a brand-new street with ample drainage and sidewalks for west siders. But there are intangibles too. For example, the Blue Line provides reliable and affordable transportation to and from the city’s largest employers––including FedEx, Infosys, and the airport. The Blue Line will also feature a park and ride for Ben Davis University High School.

Washington Street needs an overhaul, but that alone could cost as much as $90 million. Making the most of federal funds, the city won’t have to carry the burden of the project––with DPW chipping in $13.7 million of the whopping $220 million price tag. But there are some stiff requirements, including a dedicated lane for buses and emergency vehicles. But that’s not all bad news. A third of the city’s pedestrian strikes happen on Washington Street, and IndyGo suggests that pacing traffic will benefit motorists. 

So where does the project stand? With nearly 60% of the design complete, construction is set for 2024. You can expect the Blue Line to be up and running by 2027.In the meantime, IndyGo is continuing its outreach efforts. It’s important that business owners are situationally aware and staying plugged into Merchants West for updates. We want your business needs to be well-represented.

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