5 Practical Benefits of the Blue Line

by | Jan 10, 2021 | Community, Development, IndyGo

With $90 million in new infrastructure, Indy Go is bound to bring new development to the West Washington Corridor. The Blue Line is the Indy Go route along West Washington between Cumberland and the Airport. The Blue Line will open our community to new opportunities while making affordable, frequent, and reliable transport a reality in our neck of the woods.

If the prospect of new development alone doesn’t excite you, here are some more reasons to show your support for the Blue Line. 

It will make travel safer for everyone.

Improved safety isn’t just a felt need; it’s a matter of fact. Thirty-two percent of pedestrian strikes were on West Washington Street in the past year. The Blue Line will lay more than ten and a half miles of sidewalk along with several upgraded crosswalks and traffic signals. This means a safer West Washington Corridor for foot traffic and motorists.

It will cut down your commute time.

Studies show that mass transit systems alleviate traffic congestion, which, in turn, reduces air pollution from idling vehicles. With Indy Go behind the wheel, riders spend their time catching up on e-mails, chatting with friends, or getting some much-needed rest. But mass transit has clear benefits for drivers too. One study shows that Americans saved 850 million hours because of bus systems like the Blue Line. 

It will save you money.

On average, opting for the bus instead of owning a second vehicle can save riders nearly $10,000 annually. However, the most notable gains are for businesses. Increased savings for families means more disposable income. Most importantly, reliable mass transit in the West Washington Corridor will cut down on costly absences and tardiness in the workplace.

It encourages new investment.

For every dollar invested in public transportation, $3 in economic returns are generated. According to APTA, an average of $10 million in public transportation generates more than $30 million in increased sales and property values (commercial and residential). Mass transit’s hidden potential could be up to a billion and a half per year for every major city in the United States. Imagine the additional resources we forfeit by not supporting the development of Indy Go.


1. Development, 2. Safety, 3. Time, 4. Money, and 5. Investment––the benefits of the Blue Line are countless. From helping working families put food on the table to bringing new development to our community, there’s simply no doubt the Blue Line is one vital piece of our revitalization plan and an essential part of our community life for years to come. 

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