The Next Generation of Business

Tis’ the season for busy schedules! We’ve all been there. The end of the year is jam packed with family festivities and end-of-the-year responsibilities for your small business. Still, you won’t want to miss our fourth quarter meeting. So Mark your calendar for December 1 at 5 pm. This meeting will be hosted in-person at Ben Davis Christian Church and online at Please RSVP in advance and let us know that you’re coming.

Our guest speaker will be Dr. Jeff Butts––Superintendent of Wayne Township Schools. Not only is Dr. Butts a key member of our community, but he has a big vision for developing tomorrow’s leaders. So come ready to hear about our schools and how they’re equipping young people for the local workforce.

As you plan for the new year, make sure you’re setting yourself up for future success. Join Merchants West and Dr. Jeff Butts as we talk about next-generation business this December.

RSVP for the December 1 Meeting

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