A Day of Music and Community Impact

by | May 17, 2024 | Community, Development, Events

On April 20th, Carrier Corporation hosted the first “Jammin’ for a Cause” event organized by Indy Gateway. This benefit concert, held in Indianapolis, was more than just a day of music—it was a community effort to support local affordable housing initiatives. All proceeds from the event were dedicated to improving access to quality, affordable housing on the west side of Indianapolis, a commitment to making this area a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

The idea for the event originated from a collaboration between B&W Plumbing and Carrier Corporation, both active in affordable housing developments. Indy Gateway board members Beth Rovazinni from B&W Plumbing and Michelle Bodem from Carrier Corporation spearheaded the organization of the event, aiming to draw community support for the cause.

Despite cold temperatures, the atmosphere at the event was electric, driven by a standout performance from the local band Cornfield Mafia. They played a mix of country and rock covers from a diverse set of artists, enhancing the festive vibe. Their performance, along with the barbecue contest and various food trucks, not only entertained but also helped connect a wider audience to Indy Gateway’s mission.

The event raised over $14,000, with proceeds going towards the Area 21 Construction Trades Home Build and other private contractor partnerships that focus on affordable housing projects. This substantial financial boost will help construct more homes, contributing significantly to the community’s development.

The local response was overwhelmingly positive, promoted mainly through social media and platforms like Eventbrite. New sponsors were brought on board, including Indiana Members Credit Union and Health & Hospital Corporation, while longtime partners such as B&W Plumbing continued their support.

Looking forward, the success of this year’s event has already inspired plans for another Jammin’ for a Cause in 2025. This initiative not only brought together the community for a day of fun and music but also made a tangible impact on local affordable housing efforts, setting a precedent for annual community engagement and support.

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