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Why join Merchants West?

Becoming part of the Merchants West community comes with many benefits to both you and the city as we work together to revitalize our area.  Members of our community enjoy annual membership to the Westside Chamber of Commerce. As a part of Merchants West, here is what you can also expect:


Merchants West speaks on behalf of the West Washington Corridor. Together, we ensure that your interests are heard by local lawmakers and developers.

The primary benefit that comes with being part of the Merchants West community is advocacy from a group of passionate, driven business and organizational leaders working to propel the area forward. Together, we work hard to ensure that the voice and opinion of our collective voice is heard by local and state policymakers. As a trusted community organization, we have the trust and confidence of businesses, developers, and government leaders to help build a better community. 


Every Merchants West member benefits from unique networking opportunities from a diverse group of business leaders to help boost their business potential.

As a business leader, it can be difficult to make connections and grow in your skills while trying to maintain a healthy and thriving operation. You shouldn’t have to face difficult times alone. To help bring hope and opportunity to each member of Merchants West, we offer unique and creative networking events that are aimed at providing connection and community. Quarterly networking events provide Merchants West members with the chance to make valuable connections with their neighbors and increase their business potential.


Merchants West members will enjoy high-quality promotion to the West Washington Corridor community.

When you join Merchants Market, you will experience the unique promotional opportunities that come from a team that is committed to your success. Merchants West is also supported by Indy Gateway – a revitalization initiative that seeks to bring increased awareness and opportunity to this growing community. Every Merchants West member will be on the cutting edge of a growing economic opportunity. Since membership with Merchants West also affords members access to the activities of the Westside Chamber of Commerce, your business will receive prime promotion to a diverse and growing community beyond the corridor.

Membership Rates

Do you want to help write the story of Merchants West? You are invited to become a member of the Merchants West community – where your business can experience new opportunities and part of transformative change create the future of this historic Indianapolis area.