Girl School Road Revitalization: A $24 Million Boost for Our Community

by | Nov 17, 2023 | Development

Our community is poised for significant transformation with the upcoming Girl School Road redevelopment project, set to commence in 2024. This ambitious $24 million initiative will completely reconstruct Girl School Road, from West Washington Street to 21st Street, and introduce a much-needed sidewalk. Additionally, it includes the overhaul of the CSX railroad track near Rockville and Girl School Road, promising improved transportation infrastructure and a substantial economic impact for our neighborhood.

City-County Councilor Jared Evans, a prominent advocate for this project, enthusiastically states, “The Girl School Road redevelopment project is a game-changer for our community. With a $24 million investment, we’re not only rebuilding our infrastructure but also rejuvenating our local economy. It’s a significant step forward in our journey towards a better future.”

Revamping Girl School Road

The comprehensive reconstruction of Girl School Road will address its long-standing issues, from potholes to structural concerns. The road will be rebuilt from the ground up, ensuring safety, durability, and reliability for years to come. Adding a sidewalk along the road will enhance accessibility and encourage foot traffic, creating a more connected and pedestrian-friendly environment.

Improving Transportation Infrastructure

The overhaul of the CSX railroad track near Rockville and Girl School Road will provide motorists with a smoother surface, improving traffic flow and reducing wear and tear on vehicles. These enhancements will contribute to a more efficient and safer transportation network, benefiting both commuters and local businesses.

Economic Benefits

This project’s economic benefits are substantial. The revitalized road will attract more customers to local businesses, and the sidewalk will encourage pedestrian exploration. Additionally, the improved infrastructure will make our community more appealing to potential investors and new businesses, fostering growth and prosperity.


The Girl School Road redevelopment project, with its $24 million investment, marks a significant turning point for our community. Councilor Jared Evans rightly emphasizes its transformative potential, both in terms of infrastructure and economic development. As we eagerly anticipate the project’s commencement in 2024, there is no doubt that our neighborhood is on the cusp of an exciting and prosperous future. This is an opportune moment to invest in our community, as it paves the way for continued growth and progress.